Robotic Process Automation for Sales MIS Reports Automation

Robotic Process Automation for Sales MIS Reports Automation

Robotic Process Automation for generating Sales MIS Reports – Case Study

Business Case:

Sales are the major revenue generator for every organization. To track and analyze sales activities and overall revenue, companies maintain sales records and generate reports for different time-intervals like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

In this business case, organization has the process to create weekly sales MIS reports for various production plants, and share these reports across to the relevant stakeholders.


Problem Statement:

The team was unable to focus on other tasks which were part of their routine job, as they had to regularly generate the MIS reports weekly.


RPA Implementation:

  1. RPA solution was designed to connect the SAP application and access Sales Register Reporting Module.
  2. After login into SAP, bot specifies plant location and date range to download the report dump in excel format.
  3. Bot processes the downloaded data by applying various filters, deleting unwanted records and setting values in required columns, bot then prepare a new copy by considering a template excel-sheet.
  4. Finalized Sales MIS Report is mailed automatically to the relevant stakeholders.



  1. Reduced processing time by 85% which further increased operational efficiency
  2. Reduced 80% of manual work



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