Robotic Process Automation for Asset Management Institutions - Case Study

Robotic Process Automation for Asset Management Institutions - Case Study

RPA for Asset Management Institution – Case Study

Business Case:


Asset management companies constantly deal in various trades such as equity trade, bond trade, G-Sec, CP/CD. The fund manager decides to either buy or sell these security instruments. The objective of this process is to download the trade confirmation file for each deal from the respective trading portals. For example, NSE BRICS* portal for equity trades.

**BRICS : NSE’s Corporate Bond Reporting Software for debt securities issued by private and public corporations.


Problem Statement:

Team of average 10 employees fully engaged into the critical task of downloading and massaging data from security deals. This error-prone manual process involves 4 eye authentication hence consumes more time.


RPA Implementation:

  1. Robots are triggered that log into the trade application to download the buy/sell Debt Securities Deals.
  2. The robot performs data massaging on the files and generates an uploadable file.
  3. The Robot then logs into the NSE BRICS- online portal and uploads the files and then downloads the confirmation feed file.
  4. Then uploads the confirmation feed file back to the in-house bond trading software.
  5. Multiple Robots is scheduled to perform this operation repetitively at a fixed interval during trading hours.



  1. End-to-end system integration across multiple platforms.
  2. Reduced turnaround time (TAT) as compared to the manual processes.
  3. Reduced processing time by 50% and a projected savings of USD 2.5 million in Operational Expenditure (OPEX) over 5 years by automating a single process.



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