Robotic Process Automation in Action - PDF Extraction & OCR Capabilities (Video)

Robotic Process Automation in Action - PDF Extraction & OCR Capabilities (Video)

By adopting RPA, organizations can overcome many of the barriers like 4 eye authentication process, Error-prone transactional processes, rule-based time-consuming back-office operations, and can achieve operational efficiency with enhanced performance at an enterprise level.


Robotic Process Automation RPA Case Study – PDF Extraction & OCR Capabilities

Business Case:

  1. Multiple teams perform similar repetitive tasks.
  2. Member of a team opens a folder containing financial statement PDFs.
  3. Opens a financial statement PDF for the target company and searches relevant content (keywords like Turnover, PAT etc).
  4. The user copies specific financial data relevant to the keyword from the PDF and pastes it into a new excel template.

Problem Statement:

  1. Error-prone and time-consuming method.
  2. Feeding data manually into spreadsheets.


RPA Implementation:

  1. The robot was designed to go into a folder containing financial statements PDFs.
  2. The robot then converts PDF into excel using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.
  3. Robot takes specific fields from the excel and pastes it into a new excel template.
  4. Robot then processes the next file till all the files in target folder are processed


  1. Automation of financial statement transactions.
  2. Manual/tedious process automated with reduced turnaround time
  3. Robot designed to process multiple files simultaneously in the same folder using Cloning feature.


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