Capital markets are the financial trading centers for shares, bonds, and other long-term investments. Investment banks, Hedge Funds, brokerage firms and Asset management Institutions have partnered with Greysoft for Workflows, RPA, MIS, & Digital Banking solutions

Regional Financial Companies are trying to be more efficient in their business processes by using tools and technologies to overcome challenges like regulatory compliance, risk management, and rule-based 4 Eyes Authentication processes.

There is a race among the capital market firms to serve their customer in a better way with the optimum utilization of technology. We are now working with these Institutions for implementation of Robotic Process Automation solutions at their back-office and middle-office for rule-based business processes.Digital transformation is no more the superficial thing today; rather it has become the core thing of the business world.


You can view an RPA Case Study here for more information on the RPA implementation

Digital Transformation

During early days, businesses used to follow a "production approach", where things were produced and sold to masses. Then came "sales approach" where more things were produced and forced into high sales. This approach was considered the best until the "marketing" approach was introduced recently. This approach emphasizes that companies need to understand their "markets" or "customers" before designing their business processes. Today, armed with this understanding of markets, companies are trying to be more effective, internally as well as externally, using software and technology.

In the last two decades, businesses have seen a massive shift in how they communicate internally and externally using software-technology. In this quest for companies to touch their customers at multiple points and to minimize the complicated business processes, "digitization" is playing a major role. Organizations, today, want to be agiler in their business workflows and reach-time to market.

At Greysoft, we help these companies with transforming technology solutions, so that they can focus more on their core business.

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