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RPA for Media Organizations - Case Study

By adopting RPA, organizations can overcome many of the barriers like 4 Eye Authentication process, Error-prone transactional processes, rule-based time-consuming back-office operations, and can achieve operational efficiency with enhanced performance at an enterprise level.


RPA for Media Organization - Use Case

Business Case:

  1. Team member manually reads the excel sheet for client name and collates multiple pdf into one compressed & encrypted file based on the client names.
  2. Each zip file is then emailed to the respective customers based on their email IDs in the excel sheet.

Problem Statement:

  1. Time-consuming and error-prone manual procedure.
  2. The rule-based low-priority task for the team which gets piled-up at the end of the week.


RPA Implementation:

  1. Robot accesses  2 folders having one excel sheet and multiple pdfs respectively.
  2. Robot reads the excel sheet for client name and groups multiple pdf into one zip file based on the pdf file names.
  3. The robot then collates the PDFs for Clients and encrypts and transmits the same to the client through email based on their email IDs in the excel sheet.


  1. Automation of grouping files and emailing to customers takes less time.
  2. The team is freed-up for other high-priority work.



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