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RPA for Asset Management Institutions - Case Study

By adopting RPA, organizations can overcome many of the barriers like 4 eye authentication process, error-prone transactional processes, rule-based time-consuming back-office operations, and can achieve operational efficiency with enhanced performance at an enterprise level.


RPA for Asset Management Institution - Case Study

Business Case:

  1. Team member logs into the in-house bond trading application to download the buy/sell debt securities deals.
  2. Then they take some data from the files and prepare an uploadable file.
  3. Logs into the NSE* BRICS** online portal uploads the deal file and then downloads the deals confirmation feed file.
  4. Finally, uploads the confirmation feed file back to the bond trading application.
  5. This Cycle is repeated multiple times during the Trading Hours.
**BRICS : NSE's Corporate Bond Reporting Software for debt securities issued by private and public corporations.

Problem Statement:

  1. Teams spend extra time on multiple systems to complete the process.
  2. This manual process is critical in nature with zero scope for errors.
  3. Since it is a manual & critical process it involves 4 Eye authentication process and hence processing time is more.
  4. Repetitive tasks every time the deals are booked.


RPA Implementation:

  1. Robots are triggered that log into the trade application to download the buy/sell Debt Securities Deals.
  2. The robot performs data massaging on the files and generates an uploadable file.
  3. The Robot then logs into the NSE BRICS- online portal and uploads the files and then downloads the confirmation feed file.
  4. Then uploads the confirmation feed file back to the in-house bond trading software.
  5. Multiple Robots is scheduled to perform this operation repetitively at a fixed interval during trading hours.


  1. End-to-end system integration across multiple platforms.
  2. Reduced turnaround time (TAT) as compared to the manual processes.
  3. Reduced processing time by 50% and a projected savings of USD 2.5 million in Operational Expenditure (OPEX) over 5 years by automating a single process.



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