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Robotic Process Automation for Banking & Financial Institutions - Retail Lending

Robotic Process Automation for Retail Lending - Case Study

Business Case: 

Banks and financial institutions grant vehicle loans and verify the client details for detecting any fraud transaction as to securitize their loan-book. Government of India has a portal (Vahan*) wherein all the information of the registered vehicle is stored in the database. The organization uses this database to validate the details by searching engine number and chassis number of the vehicle and update result into the final excel sheet.

* Vahan: Centralized Online Indian National Registry for Registered Vehicles.


Problem Statement:

Monthly transaction volume of around 60K loans issued by the lending bank. Volumes surge to around 100K+ during festive seasons. Team of around 25 employees engaged in this error-prone high-volume task.


RPA Implementation: 

  1. A Robot was designed that could log into Vahan website with necessary credentials.
  2. After login, the robot feeds the engine number and chassis number of the vehicle into the “search box” of the website and proceeds with the search.
  3. If the result is found for searched data then robot clicks on the results to open the pdf.
  4. Robot opens the pdf to read the data and inserts the data into the final excel sheet with flag indicator as “successfully downloaded”.
  5. If search results in  “no customer data”  then robot automatically updates the final excel sheet as “no vehicle found for the customer”  and saves a screenshot of the webpage.



  1. Automating login, search, pdf read, excel entries.
  2. Reduced processing time by 40% which further increased operational efficiency.



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